Kate L Fox

the inspiration behind Kate L Fox’s poem, ‘Bletchley’


I wrote Bletchley because I am interested in the work of the Bletchley Park code-breakers and the secrecy behind the whole project. I think it is interesting that the code-breakers had to keep their work secret for so long after the war and that their achievements weren’t recognised earlier. It is particularly poignant that Alan Turing contributed as one of the main code-breakers because he was such a brilliant man that achieved so much for the country but died so young before he could offer more. I am also interested in Bletchley because my grandfather was an actuary and my Mum thought he may have used his mathematical skills during the war, but was never certain where.

Alan Turing achieved so much with his mathematical theories and brilliant mind. His work was so forward thinking and he conceived ideas that are relevant today, like envisioning the concept of the computer. It was sad that his skills were overshadowed by his personal life and that he died at such a young age. I am glad his achievements have been recognised more in recent times and that the Government made an official public apology in 2009 for the ‘appalling way he was treated’. I think people who have a lot to give this country often need more investment and support for their ideas. Alan Turing is an example of someone who had many forward thinking theories that made this country a world leader. I believe that recognising and investing in inspirational ideas is an important way to continue to make this country a world leader in the future.


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