Kathy Gee

the inspiration behind Kathy Gee’s poem, ‘Cyber Raptors’

I’m a heritage professional, not an ICT expert, so I knew about Alan Turing in a non-technical context. But I learned a lot more when one of the organisations I work for contributed to purchasing the Turing Papers for Bletchley Park. I didn’t grow up with computers and have had to learn almost everything I know by trial and error. Hence, although I am an active user, I am not technically confident. So, for me, Turing’s legacy is one of fear and dependency as much as a platform for changing the world for the better.

The poem ‘Cyber Raptor’ emerged from a lecture on the subject of cyber crime I heard at the University of Wolverhampton, given by Tom Ilube, part of the founding team of the on-line bank, Egg. As I am more obsessed with words than numbers, I became fascinated by the language and vocabulary that he used. I’d love to think that I invented the expression Cyber Raptor, which came into my head unprompted, but having googled it, I see that I am aeons behind the rest of the world. Plus ca change. Just don’t ask me what a ‘botnet guy’ is …


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