Joshua Turner

the inspiration behind Joshua Turner’s short story, ‘\Run?’

In creating ‘\Run?’ my aim was to write in a style that reflects on Turing’s contributions to the fields of computing and Artificial Intelligence. I was interested in the question going forward that is raised by the shameful treatment of Turing after his time at Bletchley park. The piece focuses on his work and subsequent ostracising by the powers that be at that time, yet addresses the idea in a way that poses a question for our future treatment of any artificial intelligence.

I hope that at the point in the future where this may be pertinent that we understand and recognise the importance of an ethical debate as well as the practical aspect of dealing with an A.I., given how Turing’s own story emphasises the shame of judging others as lesser simply for being different. My intention was to write a cautionary tale for our own future by reflecting on the treatment of Turing, and to highlight the perils of an assumed judgement on another’s existence.


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